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Peabody Chase

Consulting LLC has formed business relationships with  reputable bridge lenders to better assist our clients.

Below is one of our lending partners terms which are not all inclusive.

As low as 8.5%

Loan Size: 
$1 Million Minimum
$5 Million Maximum with exceptions on a case by case basis up to $10 Million

Acceptable Uses:
Purchase, Refinance, Major Rehab

2 & 3 Year Terms available

Leverage / Loan to Value: 
Up to 80% of Actual Cost

Minimum FICO Score:
620 Minimum
680 Average

Available on Case by Case basis

Prepayment Penalty:
Step Down Prepay, Flat Prepay, YM

Debt Service:

Interest Only Payments

Property Types: 
Multifamily, Office, Retail, Industrial, Self Storage, Credit Tenants, Mixed Use
Alliance may be able to assist with additional Property Types through a different Investor on a Case by Case basis

Origination & Application Fee(s):

Alliance has a 1 – 3% Commercial Loan Fee which will be disclosed after review of a Full Loan Package

Lender has a $1500 Application Fee + Appraisal & any other Third Party Reports that may be required
Lender has a 1% Origination Fee
Lender also offers an Express Underwriting Fee of $5000 when time is crucial.


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