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Current Deployment Outline 

  • Value Add Acquisition and Refi Bridge Loans
    Max LTV/LTC 85%
    $5M and up
    Rates: L+500 – L+850% (Full and non-recourse)

  • Construction Loans
    $5M and above
    Max LTC 75%
    LIBOR + 550-950 BPS (rates can improve based on reduced leverage)

  • Hard Money Bridge Loans on Commercial Properties
    Max LTV/LTC 70% (Transitional situations, distressed assets, need for speed, etc.)
    Rates 10-13% 2-4 pts (Full and non-recourse)

  • JV & Pref-Equity on a Case by Case 
    Basis $10M minimum
    Equity transactions are structured on a 70/30 basis (70% Longhorn/30% Sponsor)
    All in yields on Pref is Mid to high teens – High teens to low 20's on JV
    Geography: United States


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