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Fast SBA Loan Approvals and Closings

The process of being approved for an SBA loan can be time consuming and unnerving for anyone going through the process. Peabody Chase Consulting has taken the worry and the wait out of the SBA loan process. although we are not a direct lender via SBA we get 24hr prior approval/LOI for every potential client seeking an SBA loan. Every file is underwritten by an SBA underwriter before an LOI is issued to give our clients piece of mind know that the loan will be approved after verification of documents.

The processing time for an SBA via our conduits is streamlined because we don't work through banks to fund the loans. Most of our SBA loans are funded through alternative sources. Using alternative investment vehicles to fund the SBA loans helps to speed the process and most of our SBA loans are close in half the normal 90 days it takes for most SBA loans. If you are in need of funding fast but want to avoid the high cost of a bridge loan our streamlined SBA process could be the right move for you and your company.


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