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About Us

About Us

Our team has decades of experience, so that’s not the new part. The new part is the way we approach our work.

Our approach is simple. Whether you are looking to market your

product, win an election, advocate for an issue, raise money, or build a movement, we will help you develop and execute a strategy that combines time-tested, accountable practices with the latest in communications and technology to achieve your goals.

Today we are operating in a new environment based on a fundamental shift in how we organize, communicate and advocate. The Peabody Chase Consulting LLC team has been at the epicenter of that shift, and we will help you navigate it.





  The opportunities for venture-capital funds under $25 million are shrinking dramatically. At the same time, VCs' increasing impatience with management shortcomings in portfolio companies is placing added premium on finding the right executives for each venture. This means that management of the company seeking funds is now more important than ever. Our results built on this model has proven to get results for our venture capital resources and VC seekers alike. As venture capital scouts our relationships with venture capital firms that utilize our due diligence are always held in  strict confidence. 

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